Dossier on the mortgage market

The volume of mortgages in Switzerland is significant and has increased considerably over the years. This raises the risk of an overheating of the real estate market. FINMA works to ensure that mortgage lending is sustainable and that the solvency of banks is not put at risk. This page provides key information on this topic.
From the Annual Report 2018

Mortgage market measures

Uninterrupted mortgage market growht

The strong vacancy growth in residential investment properties and the sustained high level of construction have increased Swiss real estate market risks.

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From the Annual Report 2017

Imbalances in investment properties

Dossier Hypothekarmarkt

Persistently low interest rates also mean that investors still face a dearth of supposedly low-risk return opportunities, and investing in real estate therefore remains attractive.

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From the Annual Report 2016

Mortgage market slightly calmer

Momentum in the Swiss mortgage market eased slightly in 2016, especially where owner-occupied residential properties were concerned.

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From the Annual Report 2014

Interest rate risks and mortgage growth

In the low interest rate environment, monitoring and managing interest rate risks remains extremely important.

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From the Annual Report 2014

Real estate price growth slows slightly after package of measures in 2014


Price growth slowed slightly following the increase in the countercyclical buffer and the somewhat stricter rules on amortisation and central parameters of self-regulation. However, imbalances and the factors driving them persist.

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From the Annual Report 2013

Real estate market remains tight

Swiss real estate prices and mortgage volumes: annual inflation-adjusted growth rates

Despite self-regulatory measures and the countercyclical capital buffer, real estate prices and mortgage volumes once again rose in 2013 – somewhat more slowly than before, but still faster than gross domestic product.

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