Dossier on cyber risks

I rischi cibernetici si annoverano fra i maggiori rischi operativi a cui sono esposti gli istituti finanziari. Per questo motivo la FINMA si occupa intensamente di questo tema e ha rafforzato la sua vigilanza in tal senso. In questa pagina troverete le informazioni più importanti in merito.
From the Annual Report 2019

Cyber risks in supervision 2019

Technological progress and the latest trends have led to FINMA stepping up its supervision of cyber risks. These risks are monitored directly, for example through focused on-site audits by FINMA, and monitored by audit firms as part of the regulatory audit process.

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From the Risk monitor 2019

Cyber risks

The high and ever-growing dependency on and interconnectivity of information and communication technologies give rise to pronounced vulnerabilities among Swiss financial institutions. For example, outages of and disruptions to IT systems, particularly those resulting from cyberattacks, can jeopardise the availability of critical services and functions.

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From the Annual Report 2018

Cyber risks are a priority for FINMA’s supervisory activities


Supervision is focusing on technology-driven risks such as the threat of cyber attacks and the risks associated with outsourcing.

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From the Annual Report 2016

At a glance: the threat of cyber attacks

Swiss banks must guard their infrastructure against various types of attack. In addition to phishing, malware and disruption to the availability of computers, the debilitating scenarios Swiss financial institutions face are growing ever more sophisticated and complex.

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