Eight divisions

The organisational structure of FINMA is based on the various sectors of the financial industry.

Four divisions at FINMA assume responsible for its supervisory activities. Cross-divisional functions are consolidated in four further divisions.

FINMA organisation chart

Four supervision areas

Licensing and supervising banks and securities dealers are the responsibility of the Banks division. The Insurance division performs the same tasks for the insurance sectors. Responsibility for the supervision of financial market infrastructures lies with the Markets division. The combating of money laundering also falls within the remit of this division, which means it is also responsible for the monitoring of self-regulatory organisations and financial intermediaries directly supervised by FINMA (directly subordinated financial intermediaries - DSFIs) as regards compliance with the Anti-Money Laundering Act. The Asset Management division is responsible for the authorising and supervising asset managers (of funds) and collective investment schemes.

Four divisions with a cross-divisional function

The Enforcement division is responsible for the enforcement of supervisory law in all areas and for market supervision. The Strategic Services division main areas of responsibility are international cooperation, legal frameworks and communication. The Recovery and Resolution division ensures that FINMA can act efficiently and effectively in a crisis situation. The Operations division provides FINMA staff with the required working tools and performs internal service and control functions.

FINMA organisation chart

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